After dealing with a number of flaky contractors I came across Hedman. They came out on time and gave me a comprehensive bid on a new patio and sidewalk. They stayed in contact and answered their phones when I called. The patio turned out better than I expected. I would recommend them to anyone.


Service = A, Communication = A, timeliness = A, Results = A, Clean-up = B Jason was the first of four bids I got for my concrete project. I liked him initially but needed more bids. I called him back for a revised bid as I increased the scope of my project. Again, my initial good "gut feel" was confirmed his second and third visit to my home. He took care to really ensure the scope of the project and my expectations were the same. He made suggestions towards solving minor issues and helped me think of things I hadn't considered due to my own inexperience. * Perhaps the best thing about Jason was that he was devoted to my project, getting it prepped and scheduled and then completed on time. I had concerns about other bids and their ability to complete my work versus working a little on mine, then someone else's, coming back, leaving, coming back etc. Jason is hands on from start to finish. * I had a 30'x50' sports court brushed, 10'x22' exposed aggregate, 12'x20' reinforced, brushed slab and 6'x6' exposed with one step poured in just two days. Jason also helped me arrange for the dirt/fill work prior. I especially like that Jason itemizes the bid including material breakdown AND tax. Too many bids leave off tax and for a project of $10K, that's another $1K that gets tacked on. * Jason has a website, email, cell phone and texting that all help maintain communication which is huge! If I ding him an anything it would be clean up. The pump crew washed their hoses out on my long, gravel driveway and it dried into a large mound that I have to break up and remove. Not specifically his doing, but it does fall to him. Other minor leftover concrete slag that ultimately I had to break up, shovel and remove. Still, it's very minor and that would not ever prevent me from going to Hedman first, ahead of anyone else and my review should help you and him ensure that minor point gets seen to on your project!

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